Executive Career Support Package
Helping Senior Executives Create Career Opportunities

Whether you are looking for a permanent senior-executive role, or just an interim role, it’s never been more important to stand out as an executive than it is right now.

While there’s a lot of disruption and uncertainty about, there are also a lot of opportunities available for those who are willing to do things a little differently. I've never seen the market for interim executives as vibrant as it is today, and companies are continuing to take a long-term view of their business and filling permanent roles accordingly.

As a long-term advocate for senior executives, and a 20-year veteran in the executive recruitment field, my most important focus right now is to help executives to thrive and to keep the engine rooms of our economy running.

With that in mind, I’ve created a FREE Executive Career Support Package to help you leverage the opportunities currently available rather than to become a victim of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

This Executive Career Support Package, delivered entirely online, will help you:

Identify and create executive career opportunities that are meaningful to you

Action my proven strategies for tapping into the hidden executive job market

Stand out from the crowd as high-performing executive talent

Get priority notification of executive roles before they are offered to the wider market.
Tap into a network of high performers who can help you find your ideal role with your employer of choice
What’s In The Package?
Your Executive Career Support Package includes:
My New Three-Part Executive Job Search Video Series including:
  • Your Career Collateral Upgrade - How to bring your CV and LinkedIn profile up to a standard that helps you stand out as a candidate of choice
  • Accessing The Hidden Job Market - How to identify and get in front your ideal employer of choice for your next executive career move
  • Applying for Jobs and Interviews - How to prepare and perform at your winning best at all stages of the interview process
Priority Notification Of Interim Executive and Non-Executive Board Roles - You’ll be among the first to hear about new roles we are recruiting for under our new Interim Executive Recruitment Solution or for Non-Executive Board roles
My Bestselling Book, Uncover The Hidden Job Market - How to find and win your next senior executive role - This book has helped hundreds of executives find new riles since I first published it in 2015


Feedback About Richard Triggs

"I reached out to Richard after my role was made redundant.  I was grateful for his support and guidance during a challenging time.  Like many, I had heard of the hidden job market however it wasn’t until I read Richards book that I developed the skills to uncover it.  Words cannot describe the profound affect Richard’s advice has had on my family’s life.  Thank you."

- Jason Burgess, Super Retail Group

“I would consider Richard to be Australia’s best advisor when it comes to accelerating your executive and board career, and give him my highest recommendation. I have witnessed first hand the results of Richard’s industry leading approach.”

- Vivienne Anthon, former CEO, Australian Institute of Management

“If you are a senior executive, CEO or Board Member wanting to take your career to the next level and work for Australia’s leading companies, then Richard Triggs is the advisor to engage.  Not only will he give you all of the inside information required into the corporate sector, but he also has an exceptional reputation amongst the top level of corporate senior executives.”

- Tim Dwyer, CEO, Shirlaws Australia

“Richard is recognized nationally for his innate ability to create quality C-suite and Board opportunities for Executives when to the naked eye little  appears to be on the horizon.”

- Frank Terranova, Chair, Taruga Gold Limited

"Richard Triggs helped steer me on the right path and provided me with the right tools and proactive strategies to achieve success in an environment which has changed so much in recent years with the rise of professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn.  I have since commenced work in a great role and believe Richard's guidance and support greatly contributed to this successful result."

- Adam Crisp, COO

“Richard is highly regarded in corporate circles as Australia’s leading consultant in executive career management . His intimate knowledge of the executive job market, coupled with his access to the hidden executive job market makes him a stand out.” 

- Glen Carlson, Global CEO,  Key Person of Influence (KPI) Programme

Get Your Free Executive Career Support Package Now
  • My New Three-Part Executive Job Search Webinar Series
  • Priority Notification Of Interim Executive and Non-Executive Board Roles
  • Three Months of Live 'Ask Me Anything' Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom (6 sessions in total)
  • My Bestselling Book, Uncover The Hidden Job Market - How to find and win your next senior executive role
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