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If you're about to embark on a search for you next senior executive role, you have a few options available to you.
Apply for advertised roles and play the numbers game along with everyone else. I wouldn’t recommend this option. This is where 90% of the job hunters are but only 10% of the roles. The odds aren’t good here.
Wait to be headhunted. It happens but, even though I’m a headhunter myself, it’s not an option I recommend. The wait can be long and, again, it’s a numbers game.
Take control of your job search and tap into the hidden job market. This is where 90% of the roles are but only 10% of the job hunters are active. This is where you can literally create opportunities and the option I highly recommend. (It will also increase your chances of being headhunted).
Having been a professional executive headhunter for over 16 years, and having written the book "Uncover the Hidden Job Market: How to find and win your next Senior Executive role", I know a thing or two about the hidden job market​​​​​​​ and can help you with your strategy and execution.

If you’d like to know more, please book a free discovery call with me using the calendar below. 
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For full disclosure, please read this before booking your call:
To ensure we both make the best use of our time, this discovery call is for those serious about committing some resources to their job search and not an offer to ‘pick my brains’ for 15 minutes. 
We’ll use the call to discuss your situation and to see if you are a fit for one of my executive career strategy support options (see below). 
These range in time and price  commitments from a few hundred dollars for a one-off session to a few thousand for a full 12-month program. As you can see from some of the testimonials below, they are extremely good value and will enhance your chances of finding your ideal role :-).
Booking the call doesn’t obligate you to purchase one of the programs. It just means you are open to the possibility, if it will accelerate your job search or help you find your ideal job of choice with an employer of choice.
Once you book your call, I’ll send you a free copy of my book, "Uncover the Hidden Job Market: How to find and win your next Senior Executive role". It will be to your benefit to read all or part of it before we have your discovery call. 
I'll also need you to send me your CV and LinkedIn profile before the discovery call so we can hit the ground running.
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Arete Executive Career Support Options
90 Minute Career Strategy Session
A deep dive session where we explore your job of choice with employer of choice, review your job search collateral, and set you up with a strategy to move forward.
Executive Job Search Accountability Program
My 90 minute strategy session plus 3 months of coaching to ensure you are on-track to reach your current executive career goals
Career Coaching and Advocacy Program
My 90 minute strategy session plus 12 months of ‘advocacy’ where I will advocate on your behalf to my extensive list of C-Suite contacts throughout Australia
“...an eye opening session that I got so much out of. I came out with a realistic plan and timelines for my quest. This was time well spent and the value I got was many times the investment. I would recommend the  Strategy Sessions to anyone considering a new career challenge."
Kalum, Partner, Financial Services Firm
“I have been successful in gaining a CEO role with a great organisation, as a direct result of Richard’s advocacy. The recruitment company were initially not going to consider my application, however Richard was able to convince them that I was worthy of interview. The feedback from the Chairman was that I was the strongest applicant, however without Richard’s advocacy it is unlikely I would have gotten past the first base.”
Cameron, CEO International Retailer
Book Your Free 15 Minute Executive Career Support Discovery Call Here
“The strategy session was excellent. Not only did we have a clear path forward at the end, but I was comfortable that everything was set up to ensure a successful process."
Fred Goodwin, Executive & Project Consultant