Arete Executive Career Accelerator Workshop...
WITH RICHARD TRIGGS - Executive Search Specialist 

3 Hour Information Rich ‘Power Breakfast’ and 'Power Dinner' Workshops
Landing your job of choice with your employer of choice comes down to one simple factor, it is imperative that you always stand out.

In a sea of qualified, skilled, hungry and fiercely competitive candidates, it takes more than a great resume or cover letter, superior interview skills or submitting hundreds of applications to stand out.

There is a precise step by step formula which, when you follow, it will make you ALWAYS STAND OUT for the lifetime of your career. Even if you are not the most qualified, the most intelligent or the most experienced candidate in the market, you will have the advantage over any other candidate if you follow this formula.

As the author of Uncover the Hidden Job Market – How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role, and the owner of Arete Executive, one of Australia’s leading executive search companies, I understand executive career paths and job search better than most. 
So if you’re a senior executive and are actively seeking new career opportunities I want to invite you to my new Executive Career Accelerator Workshop, a 3 hour ‘power breakfast’ or 'power dinner' designed to accelerate your path into your next senior role and beyond.

Based on my bestselling book, and my highly successful Always Stand Out seminar, which I have delivered to more than 2,500 executives throughout Australia, the Executive Career Accelerator Workshop takes things up a notch.

This program is for action takers who are willing to hunt for their next role rather than hoping to find it in all the usual crowded places populated by other hungry job seekers. 

It’s for executives who literally want to ‘get on with the job’ rather than get stuck in a search for a job.

It’s a workshop, a mastermind session, not a classroom or a seminar. You won’t just be taking notes, you’ll be taking action

We’ll deep dive into your CV and your LinkedIn profile to give them the polish they need to stand out
I’ll show you how to identify and target your employers of choice
You’ll learn how to establish and maintain contact with key personnel that will influence your appointment (this one step alone will make you stand out from the crowd).
We'll role play
You’ll walk away with an action plan for your job search that you can implement straight away 
This workshop is an open environment, where you’ll learn from others in the session and they will learn from you. Do not underestimate the power of this format. 

But if you think you’d prefer a more ‘confidential’ setting, you might prefer a 90 minute 1:1 strategy session with me. These can be booked here for $AU495 (incl GST) but I can tell you now that you will get much more value coming to the Career Accelerator Workshop for only $97 (including a light buffet breakfast). 
Here’s what others have said about my programs...

“Best money I’ve spent in a long time”

“Appreciate Richard’s down to earth approach and sense of humour”

“Entertaining, insightful and well worth the money”

“Provided inspiration and direction to search for a new job”

“Life is all about continued learning and sharing and this workshop has it all. I walked out of that room invigorated and excited about what I could do to reinvent myself.”

- Shirley Robertson, Former Chief Operating Officer,  Queensland Motorways
Richard Triggs' Arete Executive Career Accelerator Workshop

This workshop is a 3 hour mastermind session that is designed for professionals who are actively seeking new opportunities and have read Richard Triggs' best-selling book Uncover the Hidden Job Market - How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role.

Tickets are $97 (includes breakfast).

Wednesday, 15th May 2019 at 7:00am

The Brisbane Club
241 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City, Queensland 4000

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Please note - This workshop is is designed for professionals who are actively seeking new opportunities and have read Richard Triggs' best-selling book Uncover the Hidden Job Market - How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role. A free copy of the book is included in your registration and a link will be sent to you to download it when your registration has been completed. You must read the book and you must submit your CV and LinkedIn profile for review prior to the session

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“Attending the workshop gave me startling insights to the relationship between employers, agents and job seekers. I was spellbound! As a result I radically rethought my strategy for finding my next role, came away feeling empowered and that I had gained a competitive advantage."
Chris Langley, Arrow Energy, Project Manager

“Richard's workshop enlightened me to the future of job search and career advancement. It taught me that I have the ability to significantly influence my career successes and I will benefit from taking direct action and control of my own destiny. If I don't, I'll get what I deserve!”

David Blower, Non Executive Director, Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry